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Congratulation to Luisa Tuilau for her being selected as a Queens Young Leader 2016

We, Students Alliance of Papua (AMP) would like to congratulate our best West Papua Freedom Fighter, Luisa Tuilau on her being selected as a Queen Young Leader 2016, representing  Fiji. The Students Alliance of Papua is proud to know that she has been selected as a Queen Young Leader 2016.  This exciting news has filled us with extreme joy and pleasure. It’s difficult to express this joy in terms of words. 

Having known the amount of hard work she puts in everything she does, this awards is recognition of her hard work and talents.  We all believe she thrives hard to achieve the best results. Along with studies, she always wakes up in the middle of the night to study.  When we ask her about the time in Fiji from the colonial land of Indonesia, Java Island, she would always answer 3.00 or 4.00 A.M which mean she wakes up in middle of the night to do her work and to study.  Despite all her full schedule she gives her best times, energy and talent to raising the awareness of West Papua Struggle to independence. 

On behalf of the people of West Papua, Students Alliance of Papua in West Papua, in the colonial land of Indonesia and all over the world would like to congratulate her and will always support her, Miss Tuilau in our prayers as she travels to London. 

Her people of West Papua and Fiji are so proud of her because in the middle of thousands of young ladies, she was selected not by chance but from her best hard work and prayers. 
We wish her all the very best for her future endeavors and hope to hear many more stories of her success. 

The people of West Papua will keep her in their daily prayers.  Go to win Luisa Tuilau..!

Colonial Land of Indonesia, 09  November 2015

 General Chief

Jefry Wenda

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