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Ilustrasi Gambar Pribadi

West Papuan that’s how people know me
West Papuan is innocent
West Papuan that’s how people call me
West Papuan is backward
West Papuan is always cheerful
 No matter what happen to them or even their land
That’s what people thought

West Papua is where I come from
West Papua is a beautiful place where I grew up
West Papua is a place which I know as a Paradise fallen from heaven
A place where people are looking for Gold, Glory and Gospel

 What I saw
Shocked me
What I feel
Hurts me
What I learnt
Broke me

Abuse to the highest degree and defying human rights
Injustice, brutality 
Underestimate, Discrimination,

Wounded arms and dead bodies in the land
Remain silence, simply undercover.
People say “it’s not a crime, there’s nothing happen inPapua.
Mr. Money is the problem, when one of ‘em think of infrastructure”
Then I heard again “rebels, provocateurs, and criminals.”
Locked up men who wants to protect the land.
Even murder them with no shame.
There will be neither fear nor shivering hands
When the morning star shines
West Papuans shall freely walk in their land

Karya: Orince Uropdana

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